This is a movie made by User:Lsvel .


The movie starts with Dr.Curts Connors in jail talking to a mysterious man.

(Curts): Don't do anything to the boy!

(???): Why do you care!Hahahahahahahaha!

Carries Dr.Curts Connnors and throws him towards the wall.Curts faints.

(???): Now Get ready for a real fight Peter!

At high school, Peter gets late for class.

(Teacher): I guess we can always depend on you for being late Parker.

(Peter): Sorry madam.

(Teacher): Nevermind.So Today we are going to learn about......

The same night in OsCorp.A scientist name Max was working on a formula.

(Max): Finally the Formula to become Spider-Man!

He puts the injection on him but something goes wrong and lighting flashes.When he comes out walking towards his home.Suddenly lighting flashs on him.But he was not harmed, because he was powered by the lighting and injection.And he could control the Electricity.The next day at high school.Flash is bulling a kid.

(Peter): Leave him alone Flash!

(Flash): What are you going to do about that Parker!

Punches Peter on his stomach.

(Peter): Oww!

Punches Flash on his face.

(Flash): Oww!!